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Holiday Inn Berkshires in western Massachusetts offers beautifully appointed rooms in the heart of the BerksHires.

The northern Berkshires have natural beauty with spades, and there are vast stretches of land to daydream about and a wide range of hiking trails. The town of North Adams is located in a valley surrounded by mountains, overlooking Mount Holyoke and Mount Vernon in the north and the Berkshire Mountains in the south. There are many hiking trails and trails for hiking, biking, camping, hiking and fishing, but the veranda is located along a cycle path that can be explored from the hotel parking lot and from the city parking garage. The Hoosic River also flows through the area, so fly fishermen and paddlers alike can benefit from the proximity to NorthAdams.

For a more unique stay, consider staying in neighboring Williamstown, Massachusetts, a small town with its own history of farms. The property is located at the end of a street leading to a turn-of-the-century inn and guest house, where tourists can read out the sights that attract passing customers. This location is a great place to stay if you happen to get married across the street from MASS - MoCA.

The entrance is at the back of the hotel, and the most dramatic view is from the front door. The building is on the corner of Route 2, which is now followed by a large parking lot with a multi-story parking garage and parking for cars and trucks.

The rooms for tourists are bright, spacious and minimalist, and offer views of the forests surrounding the hotel. The fuzzy rainbow-striped towels provide the perfect backdrop for the Hoosic River flowing under the hotel's newly built suspension bridge. Well - insulated rooms protect you from traffic and noise, but the windows in the room allow only a small view of a wooded area in front of your room, not a full - on-view.

The northern Berkshire countryside is littered with farms selling fresh produce, and some of the area's best restaurants draw on the area's wealth. The Berkshire North area is a great place to ride a bike and enjoy the views that take your breath away.

This hip enclave in the US is regularly mentioned by residents and business owners in North Adams who believe it is one of the best places to live and work in Massachusetts. On the north side of Main Street in North Adams are a number of historic buildings. In neighboring Williamstown, the Clark Art Institute houses a collection that ranges from medieval works to Old Masters and Impressionists.

Y - shaped buildings in North Adams, each with an original Native American design accentuated by the original Native American design on its exterior.

The rooms are bright, spacious and minimalist, overlooking the woods surrounding the hotel and often the city center. North Adams' beautiful Victorians are available to rent on Airbnb and within walking distance of MOCA restaurants and bars. Located in the Berkshire hills and offering a recently opened boutique sleep, look for the charming TOURISTS hotel in NorthAdams Massachusetts, a charming, charming hotel with an outdoor courtyard. Inspired by the beauty of the northern Berkshires, discover upscale accommodation in the heart of Williamstown.

The design of the hotel was designed by architect Gilbert Stanley Underwood, who also designed many of Boston's most famous hotels, including the Waldorf-Astoria and the Beverly Hills Hotel. The hotel design still recalls the architectural style of the architects he designed, but with a modern twist.

The farmhouse of 1813, operated by Virginia Stevens from 1944 to 1994 for over 50 years, has a long history of hospitality as a place that has always attracted visitors. Swift was elected to the state Senate in 1883 and represented the northern Berkshire borough, continuing to run the hotel for decades.

If you prefer flying, you should visit the North Adams Airport in nearby Pittsfield, which is about 30 minutes away by taxi. NorthAdams is not as far from New York as it used to be, but it's still a short drive from Boston or Boston. Amtrak hopes to appeal to New Yorkers at Penn Station in 2020, offering flights to Boston and Boston as well as stopovers in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

We arrived in North Adams and had just enough time to look around the property before sunset. The hotel has a large lobby with halls that can accommodate between 800 and 1,000 people. Although the place is a little too small to bear, especially if you visit a good friend, the soothing familiarity is so strong that it was only our second morning at the lodge.

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More About North Adams