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It opened in 1999 and is located on the site of a former textile factory in North Adams, Massachusetts. It comprises a collection of more than 100,000 square meters of art and architecture and was opened by the art entrepreneur as one of the largest and most important public art museums in the world.

The building was divided into two construction phases to allow the planned North Adams - Williamstown cycle path to run through the site. To multiply the impact of MASS - MoCA traffic, the city and the museum are working on a series of public and private programs to connect the museums to Main Street.

Many in North Adams hope the expansion and the extra attention it will bring will turn day trippers into overnight guests. The NBCC youth is also committed to bringing a skate park to NorthAdams, as well as a bike-sharing program. The goal for the future is clear: to bring more visitors from outside North Adams to share this great place with them.

North Adams is home to Natural Bridge State Park, located north of downtown. A series of aerial photographs contextualize the expansive presence of the park and the rest of North Adams, which is a picturesque and largely uneventful place. Visit the North American Museum of Natural History, the Natural Bridge or see what else is happening in the city.

There's definitely a museum effect, "said Mark York, an entrepreneur who came to the city and settled in North Adams. Although the Museum of the Dog is really the only dog center in the area, York said something special is happening in and around NorthAdams. Kerns bought the mill and the nearby Redwood Motel, saying that historically there have been many people from New York City, Boston and other parts of New England. When he came to visit ten years ago and decided to move to North Adams, he stayed at the Porches Inn and took a job as an assistant manager in a local grocery store and then a part-time job in an electronics store.

Parking tickets are available here and can be found on the North Adams Museum of the Dog website for more information on parking.

It is home to the Williams College Museum of Art, which has about 13,000 artworks in its collection. It formed the basis for the North Adams Museum and Art Center and has had its own museum for over 50 years, since the beginning of the 20th century.

It is known worldwide for its adaptive reuse projects that pioneered the design, construction and operation of the North Adams Museum and Art Center. In its history, it has undertaken a number of pioneering adaptive reuse projects, such as the renovation of the original building and the construction of new buildings.

North Adams has put art at the heart of its revitalization efforts, and with an area covering a third of North Adams "business district, the museum is a great example of how innovative design and thinking can transform the cultural experience. It is the largest museum, but behind its walls there is more art around you. To see the works of local artists only, visit the Art Center, a collection of works from all media, including sculptures, ceramics, prints, paintings, drawings, sculptures, photographs, films, videos, audio, photographs and much more.

Anyone who has not been to the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art for the past decade will be surprised at how different it was in its early days from its early years. It's the early years. In the early 1980s, everyone thought that the museum should, if anything, replace the conventional art museum. The museum, which is at the forefront of design from its presentation to its interiors, has become the centerpiece of North Adams recreation.

MASS - MoCA has helped to obtain government grants for public works to redesign the roadway along Route 2, and has promoted community development projects through public-private partnerships. MoCA is also a major contributor to the development of the North Adams Community Center, a community arts and recreation center. Today, it is taken over by MASS and Mo CA, which attract 160,000 visitors a year. It sees itself as an ivory tower that stands out, even though it is only a few blocks from its original location.

Karen Hopkins, who helped open the first North Adams Museum of the Arts in the late 1960s and early 1970s, is now consulting to help develop programs to promote the museum's potential as an economic catalyst. If MASS - MoCA has the vision to embrace all forms of contemporary art, we can activate it with a charity troupe that can be a museum, a community art center, or even an art and recreation center.

This summer showed how much museums can mean to the North Adams region, and a new expansion received national press and a plan to capitalize on enthusiasm for community economic programs. The harrowing story behind the construction of the Hoosac Tunnel is told at the superb Heritage Gateway Visitor Center, located in a former Boston-Maine freight yard, and a great way to round off a visit to NorthAdams. This documentary examines who actually benefits from the museum and provides testimony from skeptical North Adams residents.

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More About North Adams