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The Berkshires of Massachusetts are known for their fall foliage, but there are more child-friendly things to do in the summer months.

The northern Berkshires have a natural beauty in spades, and the town of North Adams is located in the middle of a valley surrounded by mountains, with the peaks of Mount Pleasant, Mount Vernon, Mount The Vernon Mountain, the mountain range of Mount Adams and the desert island of Mount Desert Island. The Hoosic River flows through the area and flies - fishermen and paddlers alike can benefit from its proximity to NorthAdams. Located on the western edge of the Berkshire Mountains, north of Boston and bordering the capital city of Cambridge, Massachusetts, it also houses some of Massachusetts "most beautiful landscapes.

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While all this is worth a visit, the crown jewel of Williamstown is the beautiful, old, contemporary house on the corner of Main and Main Streets. The location of the veranda makes it a great place to explore the historic buildings of the old town such as the Old Town Hall and the historic town square.

North Adams is home to the Natural Bridge State Park, located north of downtown, and outdoor enthusiasts will appreciate the fact that it is just a few blocks from Cascades Trail, one of the state's most popular hiking trails. Hidden in this city of gems, this path is a great place to try for those who may be trying a nice hike in a limited time. The Cascade Trail is a short, beautiful river trail that follows North Adams from Notch Brook to the end of Marion Avenue, past the popular Notches Brook waterfall.

There's a recently introduced Amtrak Vermonter, and rail lovers will want to take a scenic ride that starts in North Adams and leads back to the station. Train lovers can take the AMTRAK to Pittsfield, MA, or hop on and off at the station on their way back to Boston or New York City. NorthAdams is a short drive from Boston and a few miles from Boston / Boston International Airport and the Massachusetts State House.

If you're willing to get out of the way, consider a trip to neighboring Williamstown or Mount Desert Island, a small town just outside North Adams. For a more unique stay, consider staying in one of the many inns and guesthouses in the city, some of which are considered "unique" for their agricultural activities. The property is located on a road leading to a turn-of-the-century inn, which was designed as a tourist sight to attract passing customers.

North Adams is home to the Mohawk Trail, which climbs the west peak on a steep, winding road. The Appalachian Trail passes through North Adams, crosses the summit of Mount Williams and briefly passes Williamstown before continuing north toward Vermont. Now follow Route 2, and the most dramatic view is from the top of Mt. Williams, the highest point on the trail and one of the best views in the state. After crossing the mountain and passing the town of West Adams and Mount Desert Island, you can pass the Appalachian Trail on your way to Vermont, briefly passing Williamtown before continuing north to Vermont and beyond.

North Adams is home to a world-famous museum and the location of MASS MoCA, but beyond the museum walls there is more art to discover. North Adams boasts the Hoosic River that flows through it, and a few old mills have been converted into lofts where artists can live and work. There are numerous art galleries throughout the city, while there are a number of museums, including the Museum of Modern Art, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Boston Public Library. NorthAdams is not only home to the world-famous museums, but has also placed art at the heart of its revival efforts.

In neighbouring Williamstown, the Clark Art Institute houses a collection of medieval works ranging from Old Masters to Impressionists, while in North Adams and neighbouring towns such as Cambridge, Worcester and Somerville, it houses the Museum of Contemporary Art, with collections ranging from Old Masters medieval works to impressions. There are several hotels in and around NorthAdams, but only one defines the art of the city - the spirit of the city that is expressed in the proximity of MASS and MOCA, restaurants and bars: the Porches Inn at MASS MoCA. While there are a few affordable hotels in the area, only two of them are often located in the city center. One of our best options is the Holiday Inn Berkshires, centrally located in downtown North Adam, within walking distance of both the M MassMoCA and MOSA restaurant and bar, as well as some of its beautiful Victorians, some of whom are available for rent on Airbnb.

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More About North Adams