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While the Berkshires have long been considered one of the most scenic areas in Massachusetts, Boston residents have never had to travel so far to discover the scenic beauty of North Adams, Mass., a small town of about 2,000 people.

The northern Berkshires have a natural beauty in spades, and the town of North Adams is located in a valley surrounded by mountains, just a few miles north of Mount Vernon, Mass. The Hoosic River flows through the area and flies - fishermen and paddlers alike can benefit from its proximity to NorthAdams.

If you're relaxed about time, you can visit the town of Mount Vernon, Mass., just a few miles north of North Adams. I noticed that Mount Greylock has more than one peak in the distance, and I went up to it and had to stop and notice it.

North Adams is bordered by the Mohawk Trail, which climbs the west peak on a steep, winding road, and is located just a few miles north of Mount Vernon, Massachusetts, on the west side of the city.

North Adams is home to New York, Vermont, and Massachusetts, and the city is home to the University of Vermont, the Vermont State College of Baseball, a college baseball team that plays its home games in the city over the summer. The city hosted the first college baseball game in North America and is home to a number of professional sports teams including the Boston Red Sox, Boston College and Boston University.

North Adams hosts a variety of events throughout the year and there are a number of museums, including the North Adams Museum of Art, Vermont State College of Baseball Museum and Massachusetts State Museum. Although all of the above are worth a visit, it is the crown jewel of Williamstown, considered the "crown jewel" of all Williamstown cities.

North Adams is located on a hiking trail that can be easily reached via a signposted trail, making the city a great starting point and stopping point. Outdoor enthusiasts will appreciate that North Adams is located right on the Vermont-Massachusetts border, just a few miles from the Vermont border. The veranda's location makes it easy to explore a variety of hiking trails as well as a number of parks and trails for hiking, biking and camping.

North Adams is one of Amtrak Vermonter's most popular destinations, recently relocated. Railroad lovers can hop on the train at North Adams Station and take the AMTRAK to Pittsfield, MA, or get off at a nearby station for a short trip to Boston or New York City.

For a more unique stay, we recommend staying at North Adams Farmhouse in neighboring Williamstown, a rustic farm - to - work in the heart of the city. The property is located right on the road to the north, where turn-of-the-century inns and guesthouses were built to show tourists the sights and attract passing customers.

Now follow Route 2 and take a day out of hiking and the amazing natural wonders around you. A hiking trail leads a handful of visitors through a 60-foot-long gorge that offers breathtaking views of the North Adams rock. The most dramatic view is on a steep, rocky hill, just a few hundred yards above the trailhead.

North Adams has put art at the center of its revival efforts, and a visit to the fair. MoCA is one of the top activities in North Adams for a day trip. The walls of the museum are more art to be found all around, but it is worth visiting the art itself.

The biggest attraction in North Adams is the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art, better known as Mass. MoCA, but there are numerous other galleries that have sprung up around MASS.MoCA in neighboring Williamstown, and a few old mills have been converted into lofts where artists can live and work. While a large number of artists live and work in the city and other parts of the state, there are also numerous art galleries scattered throughout the cities. NorthAdams has been the site of both Macy's and Macy's in recent years, with the latter located on what is now Main Street and South Street.

Founded in 1894 as North Adams Normal School, it became the State Teachers' College of NorthAdams in 1932.

Many industrial towns in New England never recover, but North Adams has managed to turn ruins into unparalleled visual riches, making it one of the most beautiful cities in the state, if not the country. Without the brave men who designed, blew up and built the Hoosac Tunnel that connected Boston and Albany in that stretch of Massachusetts, it would still be a mill town today. NorthAdams was also the site of a major project to build the "Hoosac Tunnel," which began in 1851 and was completed in 1861, adding an east-west link to the existing Boston-Albany rail link.

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More About North Adams