Dunkin's Peeps Doughnuts and Coffee Are Perfect for Easter

Published 03-28-2019

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Marshmallow Peeps are really making their bid to completely own your Easter season. Ahead of the springtime holiday, Dunkin' is offering a special Peeps doughnut. And that's not all: The doughnut and coffee chain will also pour you a Peeps-flavored coffee or espresso drink.

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The doughnut is too cute to eat - almost. It features an iconic yellow Marshmallow Peep chick snuggled into a meadow-like bed of white icing, green grasslike sprinkles and little sugar doodads reminiscent of rainbow-colored Easter eggs. All this sits on top a classic Dunkin' doughnut.

But that's not all the marshmallow madness! To wash it down, Dunkin' is also offering new Peeps Marshmallow-flavored coffee in all forms of java, from hot and iced coffee to espresso drinks, frozen coffee and frozen chocolate. Both the Peeps doughnut and Peeps-flavored coffees will be available at participating Dunkin' locations nationwide, starting April 1. No joke!

Want to try the new sweet treats for free? From April 2 through April 4, the chain is sending two specially designed coffee cars out on the road - beginning in the birthplace of Peeps, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania - and driving to Dunkin's own birthplace, Quincy, Massachusetts. Both cars will stop at a total of six Dunkin' locations along the way and offer the first 250 guests a free Peeps doughnut, small Peeps marshmallow-flavored iced coffee and other goodies. Fans are encouraged to follow the chain on Instagram for hints as to where the freebie-distributing cars will be.

It seems like Dunkin' knows it just wouldn't be Easter without Peeps, which unsurprisingly rank among the top Easter candies of all time.

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